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I take great responsibility in promoting or endorsing products. I know that people listen to my recommendations and I do not take that lightly. Changing my lifestyle through diet and fitness has changed my life and has helped me to help stop the progression of Multiple Sclerosis in my body. I am a strong believer in taking organic, clean supplements to help our bodies to heal and to help us where we are deficient.

As an athlete I am constantly taking protein drinks. Protein helps in the production of muscles and replacing protein right after a workout is key.  But protein is not just important for athletes! Proteins are the cell's 'workers'. You have many thousands of different proteins in your body. Some are used as building blocks: your hair and nails contain the protein keratin, while your muscles contain actin and myosin. Other kinds of proteins carry oxygen around your body, fight infections and detect the light entering your eyes. A vital group of proteins - enzymes - controls the rate of the chemical reactions in your body that make all the other molecules you need and of course, proteins help produce energy!


It was always really hard for me to find a  good, clean, protein product until I was introduced to BioTrust! BioTrust has 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients! NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners! Check out the video after mine to see for yourself why I use BIOTRUST, a clean, all natural product!

Natural Body Anti Inflammatory Defense

I am bit obsessed with inflammation!

Check out my blog post:



Inflammation is the ROOT CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE !

Keeping inflammation down in your body is key to preventing disease in your body and stopping the progression of disease.


I highly recommend this

product! Taken daily, it will make a HUGE difference in help to reduce inflammation in your body!


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