Aurora Colello


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Aurora is honored to have been chosen for the Active Angelz/Breakaway Trianing Elite racing team.

Active Angelz is an innovative lifestyle apparel company inspired and created by women, exclusively for women. Our mission is to bring fashionable, functional, and feminine multi-sport apparel to women who want to look and perform their best.


Integrating the highest quality performance fabrics, Active Angelz LLC and its newest brand Alii, engineers multi-sport garments that combine comfort, support and optimum elasticity. Every possible technical advantage is built into each garment. Best of all, we add elements that have been missing in real, multi-sports apparel: femininity, style and fashion! Aurora has been a featured athlete on the Active Angelz website and was chosen as one of the Elite athletes for the "A" team.

Breakaway Training is a Premier Multisport Team. They work with all types of athletes ranging from the elite level triathlete, front to back-of-the-pack age groupers, or anyone who simply wants to finish a triathlon, marathon, or first 5k. Their coaches will work closely with you to get you on the right path to achieve all of your athletic goals! Aurora has been trained by FELIPE LOUREIRO for over and year and attributes placing 5th place in her first Half Ironman to his fantastic caoching!

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